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The "Dear Artists" Digital Essentials pack

The Dear Artists Digital Essentials pack will consist of three digital tools for up-and-coming artists to propel their careers in a professional manner. 


As you know we have already added two digital products to our storefront that will be available for download. With this "Dear Artists"Digital Essentials pack there will be several different packages that you'll be able to choose from in the next coming months. 


Each pack will still have the essential digital templates like our hosting and the about me template. The "About me" template is a great way for artists and influencers to give a brief description of themselves and what they do creatively. This template is your biography and is needed for many of your music projects and content releases. 



We also have our Electronic Press Kit Template, an electronic press kit used by many artists and industry professionals to help the public and the press get a better and wide scope of the individual and their work. 


Our One Sheet is also another form of presentation for artists, influencers, and industry professionals to present themselves in a shorter more focused form. Most musicians use their One Sheet to present their current music projects to media outlets. This is very important to help people stay on topic with what they want to focus on. 


All of our templates plus the explanation of proper uses will be included in our Dear Artists Digital Essentials pack. 


The "Dear Artists" Digital Essentials pack

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