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Black Ink - Brooklyn, New York with Yung Joc

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Spill It Entertainment

Taisia S. Bailey

March 01, 2023

Black Ink - Brooklyn, New York

Yung Joc

March 01, 2023

Brooklyn- Jasiel “Yung Joc” Robinson is known for his smash hit “It’s Going Down”. Yung Joc is also a talent on the TV show called “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” as well. This past Saturday February 25th Yung Joc brought his comedic side with some southern hospitality to Brooklyn, New York’s Black Ink tattoo shop. Yung Joc and his team were looking fresh in their latest fashion winter coats from “Daniel’s Leather New York '' as they entered Black Ink’s event in honor of Yung Joc. If you were a customer passing through last Saturday for service; then you were graced with a nice surprise by a celebrity guest in attendance. You never know who could pop up at Ceasar’s Black Ink location at any given time, so you always want to be ready and enjoy their presence.

Yung Joc stopped by to do a “Meet and Greet” and just show love to those that showed love back to him. Fans were in awe to see how humble this shining star presented himself amongst the crowd. Onlookers kept whispering to each other that - “Joc is so down to earth and he’s so freaking hilarious”. Yung Joc walked through the establishment and greeted each person with a smile, warm hugs, a moment to say hello in his “Live” on Instagram as he continued to walk throughout, and he even offered to have a matching tattoo done with a fan of their choice. Now that was so creative and very unique to come up with.

The night’s event was even more magical and fun filled for a few birthday girls that stopped by for artwork. Showing love from Detroit, Michigan were Chinara and Shanelle who had the word “cousins”with an infinity sign passing through. This tattoo is meaningful to the closeness as they’re each other's best friend. Also along on the travels from Michigan was Chinara’s mother Wendy celebrating her birthday the night of the event and had her tattoo created by “Tatted by Bux”. Wendy's tattoo had her husband’s name “Gil”. She wanted to surprise him when she returned home. Wendy lit up with joy as she went down memory lane of how she met her husband; whom she has been married to for many years. Lastly, Lady Mac is a rising artist passing through and also was celebrating her birthday as well. Lady Mac and her friend Mecca Mazarati both had some inner ear piercing done also.

Ceaser the owner of Black Ink, Black Ink’s Duke, and the Black Ink family help bring the night’s event together with vendors, music, live performances, excitement, and a 4/20 ambience throughout the night. Yung Joc tattooed his remaining children's names that were missing on his arm. Black Ink’s very own “Spyder” was the tattoo artist of the hour that drew Yung Joc’s tattoo. Spyder is a ten year veteran in the tattoo industry and he loves conversing with others. Spyder has a jolly spirit that is radiating with his smile. Spyder has his own podcast station called “Ink & Out”. His show has all your favorite celebrities passing through to catch up on life, share a few laughs - all while getting their desired tattoo selection drawn by Spyder himself.

So, if you’re ever in need of some creative artwork, merchandise, or even piercings stop by the Black Ink’s shop located at:

1357 Fulton St

Brooklyn, NY 11216

United States







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